Metsaveere residential properties

Residential properties are situated in the Saustinõmme village, 7 km from the Tallinn border.

Properties are situated in the Metsaveere residential area, which now includes more than 45 finished detached houses.

The properties are equipped with water, sewerage and electricity lines, and access is provided with asphalt-paved roads. The area includes a playground and a basketball court. The whole infrastructure has been completed, and subscription fees are included in the sales price.

The residential area has quick and easy commute to Tallinn. It takes 10 minutes to drive along the Viljandi Highway from the Järve Selver and 20 minutes from the city centre.

The property has a current detailed plan:

The properties are situated on the territories of Saku and Kiili rural municipalities.

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Metsaveere asukoha pilt2