Lake Harku development area

  • Total surface area of properties 40 413 m²
  • Building rights 18 400 m² (on two floors)

The development area is situated on the border of Tallinn city on the intersection of the heavily congested Paldiski St. and Järvekalda Street. It is close to the congested transit road and large residential areas such as Astangu and Õismäe.

The development area properties for sale:

1. Roo Street 1, surface area 13,811 m²
cadastral register number 19814:001:0651.
The property is planned to include a shopping centre with a space of  3,500 m² for lease.

2. Roo Street 3, surface area 8,362 m²
cadastral register number 19814:001:0652.
Intended purpose: business land
Building right: 5,560 m² (total on two floors)

3. Roo Street 5, surface area 18,240 m²
cadastral register number 19814:001:0653.
Intended purpose: business land
Building right: 4,500 m² (total on two floors)

All properties can be joined and buildings can be built together. Properties can also be housed separately and transferred. A detailed plan is imposed on the territory. The infrastructure is in large part established, subscription is possible and construction can commence immediately.

The territory is adjacent to a residential area being developed by SRV, the size of which is 20 ha and which is planned to include homes for 650 families. In addition to building houses, recreational activities have also been taken into consideration. The area is planned to include a sports court and a separate property for building a school or kindergarten.

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