Procurements in the Baltic States

Our vision is to have contacts with all reliable companies in Europe. We want to be in constant cooperation with them in order to procure products and services of required quality for the best price.

In March 2013, SRV Group founded the Department of Procurements for Baltic States in Estonia. The main objective of the Department of Procurements is to organise and coordinate procurements for Finnish sites from the Baltic market.

Daily activity of the Department of Procurements situated in Estonia is to conduct construction procurements of general construction in Estonia and other Baltic States for SRV Group’s sites in Finland. This means that all price inquiries should arrive at the right place at the right time. At the moment, we are mostly operating with general construction, and procurement of technological and electrical work is conducted at the sites.

The Baltic Department of Procurements is in close cooperation with SRV Group’s budgeting department. We operate with preliminary price inquiries, targeting and monitoring preliminary bids. We thereby support the involvement of Baltic suppliers already in the preliminary bids phase.

We are also actively looking for reliable and solid cooperation partners on the Baltic market. We are trying to establish contact with all the companies already operating in Finland that fall into our target group. We are also looking for potential cooperation partners who wish to start selling products and services to Finland.¬†Among others, we conduct customer’s oversight, do background checks on companies and help SRV with executing its development projects.