Business premises

Inchcape Vehicle Centre

  • Type Sales and service centre
  • Completed 2008
  • Surface area 7,000 m2

Vehicle sales and maintenance service showroom opened in Rae rural municipality on Tartu Highway in 2008. Total surface area is 7,000 m2.  Designed by Nord Projekt AS. Inchcape is one of the world's largest retailers of vehicles.

Osten Tor office building

  • Type Office and apartment building
  • Completed 2006
  • Surface area 17,000 m2

15-storey high-rise building on Pärnu St. in Tallinn. The residential-office building has 158 apartments, 10 commercial suites, 72 parking spaces in the basement and a children's playground. Designed by KPME OÜ with international cooperation.

Wihuri sales centre

  • Type Sales and service centre
  • Completed 2006
  • Surface area 1,600 m2

Heavy machinery sales and service centre opened in Saue on Pärnu Highway in 2006. Dimensions of the building are 43x37 metres, useful area is 1,600 m2. Steel and reinforced concrete structures and sandwich panels. Designed by Pikoprojekt OÜ.

Renovation of Hotel Viru

  • Type Hotel
  • Completed 2004
  • Surface area 29,000 m2

SRV Group bought Hotel Viru in 1994. During renovation, new building was added to the hotel, renovation works included the façade, conference centre, restaurant, hotel rooms, technical systems and the elevator shafts were modernised. Designed by Künnapu & Padrik Architects.

Viru Shopping Centre

  • Type Shopping centre/ apartment building
  • Completed 2004
  • Surface area 85,000 m2

Total surface area of the complex is 85,000 m2, including the shopping centre, underground bus terminal, indoor parking lot, Sokos Hotel Viru and conference centre, 72 apartments and the reconstructed Viru Square. Designed by Künnapu & Padrik Architects.

Map Estonia warehouse

  • Type Warehouse and office building
  • Completed 2003
  • Surface area 2,500 m2

Warehouse and office building for a wholesaler of paper and paper products built in Saku in the Tänassilma Technological Park in 2003. The dimensions of the building are 58x34 metres, total surface area is 2,500 m2. Designed by AS Kommunaalprojekt.

Radisson SAS/Astlanda

  • Type Hotel and office building
  • Completed 2001
  • Surface area 32,700 m2

Radisson SAS Hotel with its surface area of 32,700 m2 includes 280 rooms, 11 conference halls, restaurant, lobby and bar. The surface area of Astlanda office building is 4,000 m2. Designed by Künnapu & Padrik Architects.

Postimehe Building

  • Type Office building
  • Completed 1998
  • Surface area 10,000 m2

14-storey high-rise built in the Maakri quarter in 1998.  The building has 12 office floors and 2 technical floors. Architecturally professional planning on a complex plot of land. Designed by architect Kari Mökkälä from Finland and AB Urbel&Peil.

Rävala parking house

  • Type Parking house
  • Completed 1997
  • Surface area 14,000 m2

Parking house built on Rävala St. in Tallinn, opened in 1997. 6 above-ground and 2 underground floors have a total of 610 parking spaces, 142 of which are underground and 468 above ground. Designed with international cooperation.

Rävala Business Centre

  • Type Office building
  • Completed 1997
  • Surface area 10,300 m2

7-storey headquarters of the former Hoiupank built on Rävala St. in Tallinn. Bank premises and banking hall are situated on floors 1-2 and offices on floors 3-6, 7th floor is a technical floor. The basement houses personnel rooms and parking.

Maakri 23 office building

  • Type Office building
  • Completed 1996
  • Surface area 920 m2

Built in 1911, it was intended to be a dry cleaning facility and it has retained its original function to date. While reconstructing, the appearance was recreated as close to the original as possible. Designed by AS Restauraator T.

Old City Harbour

  • Type Harbour building
  • Completed 1994
  • Surface area 5,000 m2

The Tallinn Old City Harbour was rebuilt to service only cruise ships and ferries.  Total surface area is 5,000 m2, capacity is 24,000 m3. Designed by AB Urbel&Peil.