Code of conduct

In all of its operating locations, SRV complies with local laws and regulations, and with international commitments. Other guidelines for SRV’s operations include our values: responsibility, open co-operation, bold in development, and enthusiasm for doing. The purpose of SRV’s Code of Conduct is to ensure compliance with our values in daily activities. We are fully committed to observing the Code of Conduct in all operations.

Our Code of Conduct is based on integrity, transparency and reliability. We expect each SRV employee to uphold these principles. From our business partners, we expect corporate social responsibility and compliance with the law.  We encourage our partners to comply with our Code of Conduct.

SRV’s Code of Conduct in brief:

1. Cornerstone of operations

We provide unrivalled services to our customers. We comply with the laws and regulations, and live up to our values.

2. Business ethics

Our operations are built on open co-operation. Our business relationships are always based on commercial realities, and are never influenced by gifts or similar hospitality.

3. Safety and security

We never prioritise financial performance over safety, and always take account of data security in our operations.

4. Communication style

Active communication supports our business and strategy execution. Our communication is open, timely and consistent.

5. Work community

We always treat each other with respect and equality. Our supervisors apply the open door policy to promote interaction with employees.

6. Environment

Our goal is to prevent environmental degradation and to minimise the harmful environmental impacts of SRV’s operations. Our mission is to improve the quality of life through sustainable solutions of a built-up environment.