Office buildings

SRV designs and builds office premises for private companies, property investors and public sector organisations. The company has long-term relationships with many of its customers, and these are founded on a profound understanding of the customer’s businesses and successful implementation of their projects.

See examples of business premises that we have built.

Commercial and retail premises

SRV builds a variety of commercial and retail premises in close cooperation with our customers. This enables us to create premises that best meet the needs of investors, owners and future end-users alike. Cooperation with varied interest groups leads to a wide range of commercial concepts from individual stores to major shopping centres and diverse commercial complexes.

See examples of commercial and retail premises that we have built or inquire about available business premises.

Logistics centres

SRV has long-term experience in building a variety of logistics projects both in Estonia and Finland. Logistics centres boost logistics functions of companies, thereby saving time and money, ensuring more fluid transport, producing shorter commute and reducing environmental impacts associated with traffic. SRV aims to expand its logistics centres into an efficient network whose hubs will form ideal locations for companies to focus their operations.

We have developed logistical concepts that we can offer to logistics service providers and commercial and industrial companies, among others.

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SRV’s hotel industry expertise is based on long-term experience in hotel design, construction and management. We have been acquainted with the industry’s players for many years already. SRV helps hotel investors in everything from designing a cost-effective hotel, choosing a hotel operator to procuring necessary appurtenances and technology. When the project is complete and the building is handed over to the end user, even the toothpicks are ready and waiting on the restaurant table.

See examples of hotels that we have built.

Housing development

SRV builders have put up many homes. The primary goal in designing and building houses is to ensure a comfortable and welcoming home. SRV is specialised in constructing apartment buildings, developing residential areas and special projects of economic development both in Tallinn and the vicinity of the capital, but also in Tartu and Pärnu. The company’s strong points are the skills of designing and building residential areas, thought-out product concepts and good choice of plots of land.

The common thread in all housing development projects is that apartments and houses are designed and built according to the needs of our customers. Requirements associated with living have become more diverse, which means that residential construction has to be customer-oriented. SRV is constantly looking for methods and ways to involve future residents into the planning stage. This also improves the quality of apartments and houses.

SRV develops residential areas according to the needs of the future. In the future, people will increasingly want to live and work in areas, which are close to traffic routes and have easy transport connections. Public and commercial services often concentrate near such hubs as well. SRV has therefore extensively invested in constructions near traffic routes. When planning the features of a residential area, we also think about how the area can service residents in a variety of age groups from children to older people.

See examples of housing development projects we have completed and inquire about new projects on sale.