SRV’s diverse and expert team ensures successful solutions to all our customers. Specialists help to turn requirements and costs into ideas that can be put into practice. SRV has diverse experience in that area, and there are plenty of actual examples of it.

• In residential construction, SRV is specialised in constructing apartment buildings, developing residential areas and special projects of economic development both in Tallinn and the vicinity of the capital, but also in Tartu and Pärnu. The priority is to make sure that houses are comfortable and cosy to live in.

• With respect to business premises, SRV helps to construct business and retail premises, office spaces, logistics centres and hotels that meet the needs of the customers.

• In addition to constructing new buildings, SRV is also an experienced renovator. Completing even major repairs projects is possible without closing the object and disturbing its business.

• SRV’s special skills also include construction of underground facilities and soil and earth-moving work.

• SRV is able to offer innovative real estate development and construction services and already completed and previously leased out investment objects to property investors.

We are ready for cooperation with you!